Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are you gonna go my way?!

My current mission at work is to get people excited about Halloween. I had this awesome idea to have a dress-up day at the office where we could all go about our business but do so in costume. We are a firm of dorks, you know, I thought that the only reason nobody had already suggested that was because people were too busy geeking away.

So, I talked to several people in my department, my boss AND the Human Resource executive and my idea has been met with just about the same amount of enthusiasm I exhibit when offered a big fat bloody piece of meat: EEEEEWWWWWWW! When asked why not, people gave me all kinds of unreasonable, totally made-up justifications. Like:

- People on the street would stare.
Dude! We could totally dress up in the bathroom!!!

- That's so childish!
Well...a little bit. But that's A GOOD THING!

- I don't own a costume.
BUT you could make your own!!!

- I have no costume ideas.
That SO stopped being an excuse like 7 or 8 years ago.

- I hate Halloween.

The Professor always wondered about my own Halloween aversion. And, quite frankly, my own excuses were never much better than the ones I listed above. But I did dress up a couple of times and actually realized that the whole thing is quite fun.


For example, I once was Lenny Kravitz in his afro days, which are clearly his better days. On that particular day not only did I get a chance to wear a fro, but also made sure my cocktails were strangely colored, watched The Shining and ate an obscene amount of candy. If there's anything wrong with that, well, sue me!

In all seriousness, having already converted to Halloweenism, I still continue to wonder why Bulgarians are so actively against it.

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