Monday, November 6, 2006

Purple Pigs and Prezidentski Izbori

Because you have been good but also, because I need to clean my apartment and would do anything to postpone THAT, you get to hear not one but TWO stories tonight:


A couple of weeks ago I saw a pair of men's leather gloves that I thought I really liked. A few days ago, I decided to go back to the store and get the Professor an early Christmas present. It was all good until I saw the gloves again. The leather was not even close to black (i.e. the color I had thought they were). They were PURPLE. No way in hell am I buying my man purple gloves!

I must have been obviously disappointed because the sales person came by and asked if there was anything she could do to help me. I tell her, well, not really. I simply can't buy a pair of PURPLE gloves. At which point she proceeds to explain to me how the gloves are actually very nice and they are made of GENUINE leather and see how soft it is. That's when I look up at her like she's out of her mind and with all my seriousness ask: Who do you think you're fooling telling me this is genuine leather?! Have you ever seen a PURPLE PIG?!?!?!?!!? And, of course, stomp out of the store.

I tell the story to Professor and he says, babe, you know that they actually dye leather before they make shoes or clothing out of it, right?!


I guess I could have figured it out on my own if I had thought about it. But, come on, how often does one think about this kind of stuff! Yes, thank you.


Prof. Grady and I are talking about the second round of the presidential election in Bulgaria (that was last weekend, for those of you who don't go by the Bulgarian political calander).

Professor: So, are you voting for Izbori?
Me: What?!
Professor: Who are you voting for? Izbori?
Me: Babe, what are you talking about?
Professor: I thought you said that you might need to vote for the incumbant?

This goes back and forth for quite some time, but eventually we figure out that Prof. Grady thought that Presidentski meant President and that Izbori was the name of our president. In other words, he thought he had been asking whether I would be voting for President + Name (and assumed that Izbori was our president's last name). What he was actually saying was "Are you voting for the Presidential Election."

As someone who's relatively new to the wonder of the Bulgarian language, Prof. Grady is doing pretty well. However, he already is starting to build a history of confusing nouns with adjectives. On his second day in Bulgaria, he was approached by a guy on the street. Not knowing what to say, he responded with:

Изнивете. Американски съм.


As I finish up, I keep thinking that I should maybe go back and change the title of this entry to 'Dumb and Dumber'. Prof. Grady would play Dumb and I would definitely be Dumber.

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