Thursday, November 30, 2006

Seretaries' Day for the Dinner Table

My Bulgarian friends have always asked me about the meaning of Thanksgiving. Yeah, we all know the official story...pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys and what not. But, really, what's in it for the regular American?

Well, just today, my very own prof. Grady has come up with the answer I have been looking for in years:

Thanksgiving is nothing if not a festival of side dishes, a tribute to the lesser offerings without which the main courses of our lives would have nothing to look so main next to. A sort of Secretaries' Day for the dinner table, if you will.

I perfectly agree with him.

Now, the other food-related question that I need him to answer is a well-argued response to the one question I personally have always hated the most: Are Americans really THAT fat?!

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