Friday, June 8, 2007

Good things recently

Because I am super stressed out at work today and need to remind myself that it's all ok:

1. Going home to be met at the door by my husband. With a kiss. Cheesy, I know. But oh-so-amazingly wonderful!

2. Our new apartment on Oborishte. The kind of location that really makes you understand why people love this little city of ours.
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg's 5:55: dreamy and bittersweet and out of this world. My latest celebrity crush.
4. Social Jazz Club: the new club near the bookmarket. Totally overpriced but completely worth it.
5. Loving everyone at work: I've gotten completely used to the fact that I have pretty awesome co-workers. They are smart, and caring, and fun and a real pleasure to be around. It's good to be reminded of the fact that I should not take that for granted.

Share the good stuff that's been brightening YOUR days recently!

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