Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love is... a kitten

Last week we moved to a new apartment. We love it for a variety of reasons but mostly because together with the apartment we inherited a brand new pack of kittens: fur, and silliness, and fake bravado and all.

See, we placed this cabinet drawer out on our balcony to air it out. Of course, we forgot it out overnight. And when we got up in the morning, we found a cat with her four baby-kittens sleeping in it.

They are shy and jumpy but they surely love that we feed them cheese. And every morning we wake up to find them sleeping just outside of our bedroom in their little drawer. We are not cat people, but we are completely in love with them.

Isn't this what love is, anyway? You find yourself completely incapable of recalling all that stuff you thought you knew when presented with a different option in the presence of your loved one...


Photo by Prof. Grady. He found them first!

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