Saturday, June 23, 2007

My massage therapist loves my husband

Our company got us a massage therapist! She comes to the office twice a week and gives people full-body massages. She uses mandarin orange oil and works magic on our tired backs. As she was doing her thing last night:

Therapist: Do you exercise?
Me: Aha. My husband and I run in the park.
Therapist: See, I could tell. Your back is not stiff at all. What about your diet?
Me: Well, my husband's vegetarian and I am almost a vegetarian. I like кренвирши с кашкавал way too much to give up meat completely.
Therapist: I could tell you take care of your body. Do you like to cook?
Me: Actually, no. My husband is an excellent cook.
Therapist: You tell your husband I send him my greetings. He seems to be every woman's dream, takes great care of you.

She could tell I got a good man simply by looking at my back... Isn't it interesting how our mental health contributes to our physical well-being?

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