Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good things recently

Because Madlen's been bugging me about this for a while and because it's actually been a REALLY good week:

1. Celebrating July 4 with Kyle and Elena at Flannagans. Best veggie burgers and most expensive tap beer in Sofia, I swear.
2. Abandoned hotels on the top of the mountain. Look for evidence on Kyle’s flickr page.
3. Celebrating a year of working at Netage. Time flies when you’re having fun!!!
4. Looking forward to my husband’s baptism this coming Saturday. We were not aware of the significance of the day (07-07-07) until I found out that grandma needed to pull some strings to get the local priest make an opening for us. Apparently, everyone and their mother are getting baptized, getting married or both on that very same day.
5. Last night at the Save Strandja protest a boy came over and introduced himself. His name was Krum and he reads our family’s blogs. He thought he’d say hi. And good thing he did. It made both Kyle and I so so happy! Hi, K!!!

How've YOU guys been?

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