Monday, July 9, 2007

Notes on a baptism

My husband is one of the newest additions to the Christian Orthodox Church. Highlights of the event include:

- Kyle repeating three times that he renounces Satan: Отричам се. Отричам се. Отричам се.
- Repeating three times that he becomes one with God: Съчетавам се. Съчетавам се. Съчетавам се. Which, of course, was harder than a tonguetwister.
- Kyle's Godmother , Kris, attempting to spit at him only to be stopped by the priest: You are supposed to spit on the Devil, not on your Godson.
- Kris bowing at Kyle only to be interrupted by the priest: Bow to God, not to Kyle!!!
- My mom trying her hardest not to laugh.
- Me trying my hardest not to laugh, hiding behind the camera. Failing miserably.
- Our grandpa sitting in one of the big throne chairs, his legs not reaching the floor.
- The look on everybody's face when the priest pulled out a pair of scissors. Kyle's thoughts: No, no, no! We already did that!!! In the hospital!!! When I was a baby!!!...
- My dad going Oh, shit! mid-way through the ceremony after realizing that his camera memory card was already full.

The priest thought it would be awesome if we gave Kyle a Christian name. Mom and Grandma loved the idea and picked the "most vegetarian" of all Bulgarian names. According to Kyle's baptism certificate, I am now married to Nikolay Robert Grady.

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