Saturday, October 13, 2007

Last minute

Prof. Grady and I are having a last-minute discussion of what else he should bring from the States when he flies home next week:

Me: Babe, not sure if you have room in your bags with all my last minute requests...but you should think about bringing some stuff that you really crave.
Prof. Grady: Yeah, I guess. It's hard to think of those things when i'm here!
Me: about those beans we can never find in Bulgaria?
Prof. Grady: Black beans?
Me: Yeah. Bring a little bit and we'll only eat them when you're homesick.
Prof. Grady: Or foodsick...(pause)...Wait, no, that's something else.

A couple of minutes later:

Me: On my way back, my bag was too heavy and I had to take stuff out of my suitcase and put it in my carry-on.
Prof. Grady: Oh NO!!!
Me: Yeah. Too many fashion magazines.

I miss my husband.

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