Wednesday, October 3, 2007

When plans fail

The thing is...our travel plans fell through. The sucky part about that is we have stood up a lot of people AND it will be a while before we get to stay in an awesomely bad motel out in the middle of Indiana like we'd planned. The GOOD thing about it is that we are finally BOTH in Philadelphia (for a little while that was not the case, courtesy of U.S. Airways who lost ME and then lost MY BAG) and are staying until

Philly is a lot like Sofia, I think. Old and beautiful but run-down at places. With lots of great bars and restaurants and shops AND a serious inferiority complex. When people find out we are here on our honeymoon, we get the exact same reaction we get in Sofia when we tell them we live in Bulgaria. It goes something like, Oh! Wow! WHY?!?!?!?!

So, not having made any plans for things to do in Philadelphia, we are spending our time doing the one thing we hardly ever have the time to do in Sofia: relaxing. It's breakfast in bed and then walking around the city and then lunch and coffee and a little bit of work or shopping and meeting up with friends for dinner and then drinks, of course. It is fantastic. We are hanging out with Ashley
and got to see Clay and visited the creepiest museum I've ever been to...disturbingly informative, oh, yes.

I am telling you all this because I think we all tend to get really wrapped up into the plans we make. We try to stay on top of things and plan ahead and research and double-check and reconfirm and then hold our breath as we watch our plans unveil. Our sort-of-failed trip, however, is showing me that when plans fail to go through, they open up the space for other things...and then there's no pressure nor anxiety nor disappointment. You just take things as they come and enjoy them for what they really are.

Hugs and kisses from one happy honeymooner.

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