Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our pets

Kyle and I live in a teeny-tiny place. We hardly have enough room for our stuff what with my extensive shoe collection and Kyle’s ever expanding biblioteque. So, even though we would really really really like to have a pet, we cannot do that yet. So we just talk about it as if it is an actual possibility.

We talk about the pets we would love to get and how we would name them and what their personalities would be. For example, I’ve got my heart set on a little French bulldog named Alice that Kyle found for me on flickr. I LOVE Alice. I think she is a little bit precious and craves attention but I also think she would make a great pet, because she is a little bit lazy (like me) and would prefer staying inside to taking long walks outside. Kyle, on the other hand, wants to get 8 dachshunds. He would name all 8 of them Captain and would have them march in formation. They would all take turns leading the formation and whoever is at the very front would wear a little captain cap.

Last night Kyle said that if we ever got a mule, he would name him Bertholomule.
If we got a donkey, we decided, we would name him Donkey Hottie.

Got any imaginary pet stories?

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