Saturday, January 5, 2008

WOW! Where are you from?!

Kyle’s stepdad’s sister went to Paris a couple of years ago. She knows French but had a terrible experience speaking French while in France. She would always try and people would not be able to understand and then everyone would get frustrated. Sometimes people would switch to English, sometimes they would simply ignore her. I am particularly sympathetic to that last bit, because I had a terrible experience during my 24-hour stint in Paris back in September. When I was there, I was in several situations where people had an opportunity to decide whether to be nice or rude to me and ALL of them chose the latter. Anyway.

So, on her last day in Paris, Tom’s sister is sitting in a cafe, sipping some wine when she strikes up a conversation with another woman sitting at the table right next to her. They talk about Paris, the weather, life. They are totally hitting it off. She’s super excited because FINALLY she is able to speak French AND be understood. WOW, she says to the other woman, It was so great to talk to you!!! Where are you from?! The woman takes a sip of her coffee and answers:

Kansas City.

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