Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night, prof. Grady and I went out for drinks with our good friends Joe and Jill. We started off at an outdoors cafe but ended up moving to an old hotel bar, both to warm up and enjoy a drink in the company of other grown-ups.

As we were walking in, we noticed there were a bunch of really dress-ed up people hanging out in the Lobby of the hotel. We assumed it was a wedding. Until I saw a bunch of familiar faces that I had met while volunteering for the Obama Campaign here in State College. When we asked them what the occasion was, they told us they were there for Oprama.

Petya: O-what?!
Obama kids: Oprama. A prom for Obama. An Obama Prom. Oprama.
: Oh!

The party was so fucking awesome, we knew we had to crash it. Especially after we found out that one of the volunteers would be rapping to a Phil Collins track. When we were later asked if we had purchased event tickets, we just said we were with him.

Go Obama!!!


  1. "Old hotel bar"? Hmmm... let me think...

    Keep working. Keep the faith. Know hope.

    If we can get the vote out, Obama will win. Pennsylvania is a big prize.

  2. it was rumors at the atherton hotel.

  3. Shoot... that's not an old hotel. It wasn't even there when I lived in SC. Hotel State College, with the Corner Room - now that's an old hotel! :-)

  4. All politics and prom-related sentiments aside, I have to say that whenever I read the words 'rapping' and 'Phil Collins song' in the same sentence, my eyes start to spin around in my head. And not in a good way.