Saturday, January 10, 2009

Part I

Sometimes people remark on how difficult it must be to speak a foreign language all the time. No, I say, I go through most of my days without really thinking about it. I go for weeks without encountering words I don't know.

This Holiday season, however, I learned not one, not two, but THREE new words. They are so great that I have to share them with you in a series of three consecutive entries.

Sleezy, self-centered and insincere. One who has his own agenda which conflicts with the interests of others. Very fake and/or two-faced.

Apparently, the word was used by a person to describe one of their weaknesses during a job interview. Everyone who's ever been to a job interview knows that "the weakness" question is one of those questions that require interviewees to give a totally fake answer.

OF COURSE you are not supposed to talk about a REAL weakness. D'uh. You are supposed to say that you work too hard. Or that you are so awesome that your awesomeness outshines your co-workers'. Or that clients like you so much that they end up sending way too many referrals your way.

The person in question, however, said that their main weakness was that some people found them to be a little bit... SMARMY.

Smarmy?! Smarmy?!
For real?!

Hey, you might be. But you know what. In addition to being smarmy, you might be a little bit STOOPID, too. Just sayin'.


  1. I love that word! I'll be using it a lot from now on, haha.

    By the way, I wasn't asked the 'weakness question' on the interview for my current job. Maybe that's why I am working for these people :-)

  2. What I love about "smarmy" is that the word is so onomatopoetic. That is, it sounds so much like what it describes. Like the word "rural," I think there's no way to say "smarmy" without sounding smarmy.

  3. Oooh! "Smarmy" had fallen off of my good word radar...until now! I will have to put that one back in circulation!