Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part II

The introduction to the second word I learned this Christmas will be short because I am a little bit embarrassed to be telling. The word is:

PASTIES: Glue-on nipple covers. Usually with tassles.

I think that strippers and porn-stars use them. Private individuals use them, too. I think there's a Sex and the City episode in which Samantha puts some on but I could be wrong about this. It does sound like something she would do, right?

You will be disappointed to hear that I did not learn the word in usage. Kyle and I were hanging out in our Philadelphia hotel room trying to figure out where we could go look for gloves when Kyle promptly suggested Macy's. PASTIE'S?! I asked.

Kyle's eye got THIS big and... Yeah.


  1. :)))
    I think Samantha was putting some artificial nipples and everyone was noticing them:D

  2. Not that vegetarians would necessarily know this, but there's a second meaning, as well. Pasties are also a kind of portable meat pie, common in parts of the UK and in the midwest of the US. It's spelled the same but not pronounced the same (short "a" in the food, long "a" in the boob covers).

    One could get in serious trouble not knowing the difference ;-)

  3. On behalf of English-speakers everywhere, I want to apologize for this one.

  4. That's pretty funny. ;) My cousin, who was born in Iran, raised in France, and moved to the U.S. in her twenties, sometimes makes these mix-ups too. Her most recent one was that she got in a "tender bender" while driving the other week!