Friday, January 23, 2009

Part III

I forgot to tell you about the third word I learned over Christmas:

It means to waste time or spend your time inefficiently.

The word, of course, came up during a MAJOR gossip session at my favorite Philly dive bar. The night started off innocently enough... a bunch of old friends drinking beer and remembering the good times when we all actually lived in the same town. As the night wore thin, though, conversation started to turn to discussions about those of our friends who could not be there with us. The word "piddle" was used to describe the working habits of a dear friend of ours who seems to be taking his sweet time working on his dissertation.

I really loved the word because it just sounds so melodic to me. When I hear piddle, I actually imagine myself sitting in a boat on a sunny afternoon... reading poetry out loud.

I also loved the word because it seems to perfectly describe what I do these days. I piddle and I LOVE it.


  1. Recently, I've been reading more and more here. Lots to catch up with.
    Oh, and you've been tagged :)

    I know, I know...

  2. piddle seems to become my fav. word hehe:))

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