Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A love story

I saw this at Jo's blog and it made me so incredibly sad in the way that beautiful love stories always do.

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing and inspiring photo story with truly moving pictures... thanks for sharing!

    I was also amazed, however, at how most bloggers who commented on the article used this beautiful story to celebrate animal "values" and belittle human ones.

    This is an extreme example of unconscious anthropocentrism (which is strangely... criticised by the author) where we accept that every living creature thinks, feels, and gets motivated the same way we do.

    If acknowledging that we are not superior and possibly inferior to other animals (because we lack the purity of their "emotions") makes someone act in a moral way.. then let it be.. but I kind of doubt it.

    Otherwise, I suggest we admit that animals "love", "help", "miss", and "sympathize" by instinct and we people are the ones who can not only truly experience these as emotional states, but also control them with our reason, and contemplate on their meaning and value to us. This to me sounds so much more empowering and motivating...

    Thanks again for this beautiful story :)

  2. This was amazing! I slightly disagree however with some points in Niki's comment. Just because we do not entirely understand how animals reason and feel, we should not assume they act through instincts only. Recent research shows animal reasoning and behavior is much more complicated than we've ever thought. I've seen quite a few examples of animals who demonstrate amazing reasoning skills and emotional abilities. It cannot be labeled with one word only. We, as human beings, tend to think we are superior to all other species, which can be dangerous, and is a prejudice for me.
    What I find inspiring is how rich in emotions the animal world is and how love transcends concepts like black/white/mammal/bird/etc.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. And to confirm that I agree with what you are saying, here is an interesting video .

    I guess all I wanted to stress on is that we, humans, have the ability to control, reflect on, assign values to, and make judgements on emotions.

    So why not use this ability that we have, instead of relying on "pure" emotions, which in my view is just the hardwired experience over millions of years on how to adapt and survive.

    I know that I am probably not completely right in the above statement, but I do believe that it is at least based on solid grounds.

  4. @Niki: Thanks for the video! I'll add this to my collection :) I used to not give too much thought to how other species function until I got myself a dog. She is so smart, sensitive and complex! That changed my attitude and I started reading more about animals, their brains, behavior and way of life.