Friday, February 27, 2009

Read a little, squeal a little

The town where we live is a college town. Not just any old college town. It's the type of place that basks in its collegetownness. In State College, there's about a zillion cheap bars where you can drink even cheaper beer. If you want a slice of pizza, you can choose between 50,000 pizza joints to get one. You can buy various Penn State inspired garments at higher-, mid-, and low-end clothing stores. We don't just celebrate St. Patrick's day, which, of course we do. We celebrate Saint Patrick's and State Patrick's day. Like we need excuses to drink. Need I continue?!

You can probably picture my shock earlier today when I was walking on a pretty busy street downtown and saw a college-age kid, walking down the street READING A BOOK.

It's always so awesome to watch someone read a book they are obviously enjoying. The intensity in their eyes, the passing smiles, the quick-fire frowns. It's just so so so uplifting to think of the joy that person must be feeling about reading a text that makes them FEEL and THINK. It's even more awesome to see someone reading as they are walking. I mean... just imagine how much they must be loving that book!!!

But to see this kind of behavior in State College is a rare, glorious event. So fantastic, it makes you squeal a little. Which, of course, I did.

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