Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good things recently

It's been a week of wonderful events that I must share:

1. Kyle got a job at Rhodes College in Memphis. Awesome school, awesome job, awesome city where we already have awesome friends. The news comes in a time of a terrible recession where you are lucky if you don't lose your job. So we are happy but also deeply grateful for being so fortunate.

2. I had a bird poop on my coffee-mug. Thank God it was covered and I didn't get any excrements in my actual drink. It was in fact a Rhodes cup that the bird pooped on AND it happened before Kyle heard about the job. I had chosen to interpret the event as a good omen, which it totally was.

3. I planned and successfully executed Kyle's surprise 35th birthday party. It was so stressful and I almost-blew it a couple of times, but it was all good in the end. Kyle says he got suspicious twice but never enough to really know there was something going on. Last night we celebrated with pink champagne, massive amounts of pretzels and, of course, cup-cakes.

4. I got a Pierre Cardin chiffon shirt for $3 at the Goodwill. Did someone say SCORE!?!!

5. Every time we start packing up to move I am reminded how many fantastic friends we have and how much I am going to miss them when we move. This time around I am getting sad to leave Jill, Joe, Caro and John behind. But that's the best kind of sadness, isn't it?!

Please share our Good Things either on your blogs or in the comment section below. Please do so, especially if you are having a crappy day. I swear it will totally cheer you up.


  1. I am a big fan of your *Good things recently* postings and I am very happy that you imported the tradition from your previous blog!
    Truly happy for you :)!

  2. Congrats!!! It's happy news! I can't help feeling happy for anyone who's happy :)))

  3. I try to write down good things every day in a paper journal I keep. I know it's corny, but it makes me smile even when I am not having a great day.

  4. Hey, Petya - I guess you are moving from PA. I am living 40 mins south from Cleveland, around
    2+ hours from Pittsburgh. I just notice that :)

    What is your vocation in PA

  5. Hey, happy belated 35th to Kyle! :) And congrats on the job!!!

  6. Tennessee is supposed to be the US state most similar to BG as far as topography and climate. ;) Congrats to Kyle on the job. I remember how fortunate I felt to find mine here in VA.

    Feel free to stop by Blacksburg if you take a crazy route to Memphis, lol. I'll make some tikvenik.

    Did you get your martenitsi?

  7. Поздрави на Кайл за работата. Това си е постижение. Пожелажам ви да се чуваствате много добре на новото-старо място!

  8. One of the qualities I love so much about you is your optimism! Who else would have interpreted bird poop on a Rhodes cup as A GOOD OMEN?

  9. Wow, so many good things for you. I guess my discovery of Cover Girl lip stain is a good thing. I hate lipstick but I aspire to wear it like the women on Mad Men. This is a good compromise.

    PS I love your banner.