Thursday, April 30, 2009


Kyle said that I am turning into a Memphis junkie. I have made it my primary goal in life to read and care about all things Memphis related. And, to be honest, it is not hard. It takes time but every search for cool Memphis stories is so profoundly rewarding that I don't mind the effort at all. Case in point: Jim Hanas's website.

Ever since I shared Jim Hanas's story about his time at Burke's Books, I have been reading his blog archives. Today I realized that I should just go back to his first entry and read it all, the way you read a book: page by page, in order, no skipping forward. I am also reading and LOVING his short stories and have promptly downloaded a copy of his free book, Single, which features a couple of previously published stories.

Jim is now my friend on twitter (are you?!) and I just found out that his reason for moving to Memphis in the first place was "philosophy". Hello!!! Could this get any more awesome?!

Read his stuff!!! You will love it!


  1. If you want a fix for your Memphis junkie-ness, you MUST read this book. When I interviewed at Rhodes, they gave me a copy as part of the "gift bag" that all candidates get, so Kyle may have a copy already.

  2. Kyle did get it and I AM planning to read it! Jim Hanas was at U of Memphis in the early 90's. You might have friends in common!