Monday, April 27, 2009

Mostly book-related

  • I am almost done with the second book of 2666. I continue to find Bolano fascinating... although my enthusiasm is now interspersed with depression, confusion and anxiety. When I put down my book and look up, I am surprised by the color of things around me. These are all signs of a good book, I think.
  • I asked a famous Bulgarian poet that I know from the internets to write me a reading list so I could catch up on contemporary Bulgarian fiction. Which he did. I LOVE the internets.
  • I asked my friends on twitter if they would be kind enough to send me above mentioned books to Freiburg. I am getting a package some time next week. What can I say, I LOVE the internets.
  • If you want a quick laugh, check out this interview with Jessa Crispin, editor and founder of one of the best book-blogs of all time: Bookslut. Question: Under what circumstances would you tell a lie? Answer: Under most circumstances.


  1. Could you please share the Bulgarian fiction reading list.

  2. С най-голямо удоволствие. Марин Бодаков ми препоръча следните автори, аз изрично помолих за романисти...

    1. Елена Алексиева
    2. Яна Букова
    3. Милен Русков
    4. Емилия Дворянова
    5. Георги Господинов

  3. The internets are awesome!
    Incredible what a system of tubes can do!!