Thursday, May 28, 2009

Either, or

I am in Bulgaria right now. Kyle had to stay in Germany because he needs to teach German philosophy to German kids in English. I miss him so much and I find it difficult to be here without him. When you get married you become so used to having your buddy with you at all times. He is my husband, yes, but he is also my thinking partner and my sounding board and I have a harder time making sense of things around me without having him around to talk them over with.

I have either become co-dependent or I have really found a true partner. Either way, life is better when we are together.


  1. I prefer to think of it as simply being co-dependent on your partner :)

    We are the same way. She went on a ski trip earlier this year with her family and I stayed home to work, and every few hours we were on the phone, talking. When you get so used to having that person's opinion, and you value that opinion, you can't live without that opinion :)

    It's a good feeling.

    I hate traveling without her. We rarely do, though. We have no reason to back to the States, and no plans to in the near future (3-5 years), and everything we are working on is team-oriented plans and concepts here in Bulgaria. We aren't sure if we are staying here long-term (8-10 years out), but with her family being here and our current living conditions (100% paid for apartment = no cost of living outside of expenses), we really have zero reason to go anywhere, and would rather just stay here and put an arseload of cash in the bank, and travel together when we want :)

    You'll pull through. Just pester him via his cell :)