Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My reading list

I added a nice little widget in the sidebar of my website through GoodReads, which allows me to display the titles that I intend to read. If you own any of these books and are willing to part with them (at least temporarily)... let me know!!!


  1. I can lend you Oscar Wao and History of Love... did you want to read them in Germany? I don't know how long it would take to mail them to you, but I'm happy to hang put them aside for you for when you come to Memphis!

  2. A friend of mine from Bulgaria is finishing up Oscar Wao and she promised to send it to me. PLEASE put History of Love and anything else you would want me to read on a shelf with my name on it!!!

  3. P.S. We'll be bringing 2666 with us to Memphis, so don't buy it if you haven't done it yet. Although... it is a good book to own...