Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Our bakery has got a special promotion going on. On the 9th of every month, they sell one item for the same price it sold 30 years ago. On May 9th we are having 1-kilo stone-oven bread for 1 euro; on June 9th-- 50 cent buttercookies (big ones). And on July 9th-- 25 cent bretzels. Hurrreeeey!!!


  1. That's sweet :) It also makes me wonder: where are you now guys?

  2. It really IS sweet. And it perfectly makes sense at an old town like this... It's Freiburg in Southern Germany. I know I am totally buying into an evil marketing ploy as I say this, but looking forward to the days of these promotions makes me really feel like I am a part of a living community, not just a tourist passing by...

  3. it is a really good idea, im impressed with the Southerners... :D hahah and that says a lot, cause i do not have a very high opinion of them. :D

  4. Bakery promotions rock.

    On a side note, I'm completely addicted to home-made banitza. We have a friend of ours who makes them a certain way that I just can't get enough of. Every time we have a little BBQ get-together I indulge far beyond the healthy point. I was never able to find such back in the States, but I'm absolutely addicted.

    Funny thing is, all the times I visited Bulgaria over the years before moving here I never really cared for them that much until she made them for my wife and I about 6 months ago. Then it was like OMFG GET OUT OF MY WAY when she brings them over.

    Pastries rock, period, no matter what part of the world you live in :)