Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Second tier

Just got back from a long wedding weekend in Philadelphia. It was wonderful in that way that weddings always are. You've got to have a heart of stone not to be moved by a couple so in love that they want to scream it. Weddings, I think, are the socially acceptable way of screaming it.

Our brief cross-Atlantic visit also reminded me how much I LOVE the States. It also reminded me how much I LOVE Philly. With all the dirt and grit and smell of piss... it is a wonderful place to visit. Mostly because the city doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. And even though it has so much to offer, it doesn't expect you to love it either. If Philly were a person, she would be wearing jeans and a vintage T-shirt and a pair of Chucks.

Kyle told me that most Americans think of Philadelphia as a second tier city. Not the best, but alright. Which, I think, is a perfect place to be. When you live in a second tier city, it's up to you to create a life for yourself there. You do not live the life that somebody else has thought up for you.

Photo by Prof. Grady.


  1. I obviously <3 phila
    good job calling me guys :)

  2. "Weddings are the socially acceptable way of screaming it" just became one of my favorite quotes :)

    And - welcome back. Can't wait to see you again!