Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apartment hunting

I must say, the financial crisis is great for those of us who are employed and apartment-hunting. Looking at real estate in Memphis doubles the pleasure because there is plenty to go around and all of it is insanely cheap. Earlier today we spent a total of maybe one hour looking and sent out about 10 inquiries.

We really liked the description of a house near Rhodes where Kyle will be teaching, asked the guy for pictures and he said that "Google Earth took some for him but they are blurry". Google Earth did what?!

And then, of course, there was the great 3-bedroom apartment that's "close to everything". Everything?! Really?!

But the one that really stole our hearts was the luxury condo apartment in downtown Memphis that you get for free for a month, pay a $200 security deposit and after that your $725/month includes utilities + "Multiple pools, several tanning beds, a workout room plus more".

Kyle, having some Irish in him, and I, having been land-bound for about a year are both awfully pale and could really use an extended session at the tanning salon but what we are both most nervous about is telling Leigh Johnson that we actually looked at Downtown apartments.

P.S. This is the one that we really want.


  1. Hey, don't be worried about telling me anything! I hope you guys find something you like. (Although, for real, I think you're going to hate not living in Midtown. ;-))

    Fyi, we just had another rash of tornados and straight-line windstorms here, so a lot of people are without power and/or repairing damage to their homes. Just thought I'd tell you in case you find people harder to get in touch with than usual. Rhhodes was completely shut down for a few days, but is back up-and-running now.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the warning, but don't think you can just casually slip "tornadoes" into a comment and expect me not to be rattled by it. Are you OK?

  3. Yeah, I'm fine. We didn't lose power at my place (which is wierd, since I'm only just around the corner from campus). We had some pretty big trees go down though, so there's still lots of cleaning up going on around here.

    Being from Memphis, I guess I just count tornados as a normal part of life. The storms this year haven't been anything like last year, which even scared me a bit. You'll learn to get used to the familiar sound of sirens here!

    By the way, if you've never heard about "Hurricane Elvis" which hit Memphis in 2003, you should look into it. Now THAT was a storm! It even merited its own entry on Wikipedia! Pictures here: http://www.mscema.org/index.php?name=coppermine&file=thumbnails&album=5&page=1&sort=da

  4. So, do y'all know when you'll be arriving in Memphis?

  5. Thanks so much for the Hurricane Elvis link! We arrive at State College on August 1. Will spend a day or two there and will drive straight down. I think we should be in Memphis by August 5.

  6. thats a gorgeous place...good luck! -Lydia