Friday, June 19, 2009

Ich bin ein Berliner

I am getting ready for a weekend in Berlin with my little sister, so, naturally, I have jelly donuts on my mind.

I love that more than 40 years later, JFK's famous speech is still the source of such involved debate among linguists.

I thought that it was a mistake until Paul Krugman got an honorary degree from the Free University in Berlin last year and took it upon himself to clarify that JFK's BIG BLUNDER is, in fact, an urban legend. I am so happy that the name of Kennedy's translator finally got cleared from the smear.

I will be back with pictures on Tuesday. In the meantime, check out this scan of the index card on which JFK wrote down the famous line just moments prior to his speech.

Photo collage via Alex.


  1. Totally fascinated by the famous speech, I also couldn't believe that Kennedy made a mistake.
    The result of my empirical research is -
    The jelly doughnuts, known in German speaking Europeas Berliners, are called Pfannkuchen in the capital of Deutschalnd.
    I checked many bakeries while I was living there.

  2. Ah, ever the researcher, you! :D
    Berlin was AMAZING! Need. To. Go. Back.

  3. The cartoon spelled Ich wrong its not spelled Ick.