Monday, June 15, 2009

Perfect Basel

You know how we so often worry about making perfect travel plans and juggle multitudes of variables only to get so stressed out in the process that at the end we can't even enjoy our oh-so-perfect trip? Right. Well, I just had an experience that was the exact opposite of that.

Prof. Grady and I had been thinking about visiting Basel for forever but for some reason we never did it. Last week we had a visitor, my dear Sewanee friend Cristi, and on a whim decided to take a day trip to Switzerland. We hadn't really had any time to get properly excited about the trip when we realized that our spontaneous visit was perfectly timed to accommodate a day of Art Basel activities.


Not only did we enjoy a perfect day in a gorgeous, charming Basel but we were also able to spend a few hours taking in the cool art stuff on exhibit at the fair.

We could not have planned it any better if we tried.


  1. i went to basel two weeks fav swiss city!-Lydia

  2. You, Cristi and Kyle should start planning to come see me in Japan - I'll be really close to Mt. Fuji and only a few short hours from Tokyo! :D

  3. Lydia,
    We seem to have the same travel-planner. Let's coordinate!We might actually meet in person!

    Gotta give it to you, Brooke, you do have a knack for picking non-traditional locations. I will discuss with Kyle. The temptation to come visit you in Japan is HUGE.

  4. went to Basel last june and LOVED it!

  5. oh my goodness I have already commented on this as anonymous Lydia! I have been reading this blog longer then I thought! I would love to meet in person sometime Petya! I live in Boston now, but will be traveling to DC in the next year as a friend has moved there...maybe that is easier for you to get to?