Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quoting Chandler

My sister Ina is a huge fan of Friends, the sit-com. She has watched it so many times that she can provide relevant quotes from the show for pretty much any situation.

Earlier today, I was telling her that I am sort of looking for a job in Memphis but I am not quite sure what I would like to do and while I do that, Kyle will be the primary bread-winner in our family. Do you remember the Friends episode in which Chandler gets an unpaid internship, Ina asked. Let me think, errr, NO. Do YOU?! I replied.

Well, turns out that Chandler and Monica were in some kind of a mix-up and Chandler wants to act LIKE A MAN and make Monica feel safe and secure and confident that he can figure out a way out of the dumb thing they are in. So he tells her:

Don't worry, Monica. I am going to get us out of this, even if it means you will need to work twice as hard!

Made me laugh for too many reasons to list here.

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