Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Kyle just shared another photograph he took at the Black Sea last summer. What I love about his photos is that they all seem to capture the intimate ways in which people interact with nature: not completely aware of it, but not oblivious either.

The photo also reminded me of this passage from Toni Morrison's magnificent book Beloved:

In Ohio seasons are theatrical. Each one enters like a prima donna, convinced its prformance is the reason the world has people in it. When Paul D had been forcd out of 124 into a shed behind it, summer had been hoofed offstage and autumn with its bottles of blood and gold had everybody's attention. Even at night, when there should have been a restful intermission, there was none because the voices of a dying landscape were insistent and loud. Paul D packed newspaper under himself and over, to give his thin blanket some help. But the chilly night was not on his mind. When he heard the door open behind him he refused to turn and look.

Now, I just hope that some day those two get all bundled up, take a long walk around Sofia the day the first snow of the season has just fallen and the entire city is just FRANTIC, and at the end of the day return to our favorite bar and just... sort of... you know... chat about it. How awesome would it be to eavesdrop on THAT conversation.

Photo Copyright: Kyle Grady


  1. Единственото, което ми идва наум е, че баба и внучка в тази снимка носят почти идентични модели бански, които са всъщност модели предназначени за жени от доста по-различна възрастова група от тази и на двете от снимката. Гол корем под връзки? Колко естетично! Мъжа ти, или който там е снимал, очевидно се надсмива над вкуса и избора на българските летовници.

  2. For me personally, it captures the forgotten simplicity of the days of the Black Sea of my childhood. Kyle has a good eye.