Monday, August 10, 2009

Wednesday Nights

Last Wednesday, Dr. J picked us up around 8. We drove downtown and parked near Beale Street where Biker Night seemed to be in full swing. So, apart from the usual mobs of tourists, we had to maneuver around rows of Harleys and drunk biker dudes. We walked over to Ground Zero, a blues club that is partly owned by His Majesty Morgan Freeman. The original Ground Zero Blues Club is in Crarksdale, Mississippi but, like Dr. J likes to say, the entire state of Mississippi is nothing but a suburb of Memphis, so that's that. Ground Zero is a "touristy bar" but that's OK because we are sort of here with the band: local music scene celebrities that also happen to be the sweetest, nicest, humblest, friendliest people ever. I am smitten.

Miss Nicki, the singer, has a voice larger than life and personality that could fill a concert hall. During one of her breaks, she tells us about her 12-year-old cousin and her 13-year-old son getting in trouble with the p'OH-lice earlier that day. The two boys wanted to shoot some birds with a bee bee gun. They ended up shooting a person instead. The boys only found out about it after a police officer showed up at their door. Mama, Miss Nicki's son said over the phone, You need to come back home because J. shot a man and the police are here. Also, our landlord says that we need to leave the apartment in 30 days.


The man was not hurt, got a small scratch on his shoulder. Police officer took the gun and the kids got away with a warning. Landlord calmed the fuck down and nobody is being evicted.

In most parts of the world that I've visited, Wednesday nights are pretty uneventful and that's OK. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying that the very purpose of Wednesday nights is to be uneventful. That way both your mind and body can relax and store up some energy for the impending weekend. Seems to me that Wednesdays nights in Memphis will be everything BUT low-key.

P.S. The picture above is of Kyle and I dancing at Wild Bill's here in Memphis. That night, however, is a whole other story (or 10) altogether. Soon.


  1. First of all, I LOVE that picture of you and Kyle. As I told you that night, people should really turn the "flash" on their cameras off when they come to Bill's, since the only way it really looks like Bill's is if the whole picture is RED!

    Second, I was just thinking about Ms. Nikki's story today and chuckling to myself again about it... so it's hilarious that you wrote about it on your blog.

    And, lastly, the original Ground Zero is in Clarksdale, MS (not Crarksdale).... though I kinda like the typo. It seems so much more Mississippi that way!

    SOOOOOOO glad y'all are here. See you in about an hour!

  2. LOL @ people getting so worked up over a BB gun. 'specially the landlord screaming GTFO in 30 days.

    Only in America /rolls eyes.