Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where are you from?

Last night Prof. Grady and I were walking down to a little beer store right around the corner from our house when a neighbor we'd never met before asked where we were from. We had to look around to make sure he was talking to us before Kyle mumbled:

Prof. Grady: Well... we just moved down here from Pennsylvania.
Guy: Aaah. I could have sworn that you were from another country.
Prof. Grady: Oh! Well... Hmmm. Actually, my wife is from Bulgaria and I am from California and we just spent the summer in Germany. We didn't think we stuck out that much.
Guy: I knew it! I just KNEW it! Now... Bulgaria... Where is that?
Me: Bulgaria is in Eastern Europe, just north of Greece and Turkey. South of Romania.
: HA HA HA! Gotcha! You really thought I didn't know where Bulgaria was, didn't you!

Turns out that Mr. Neighbor was in the Marine Corps in the late 80s and spent 1989 working at... hold on... the American Consulate in SOFIA!!!

Thank God for nosy neighbors and Southern manners that deem talking to strangers perfectly acceptable. Now we know we live right around the corner from a person that shares our love for feta cheese.


  1. How cute :) How can you not like it? :)

  2. Shopska ftw :)

    Love the feta comment. I had a family member tell me it "smells like dirty feet", to which I replied "it's not my fault your nose doesn't work properly!"

    I met some Bulgarians in the oddest of places back in the States, way up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, few years back. One of the girls who was a branch manager for Wells Fargo happened to be at the desk one day when I was doing some of my business stuff and she saw that I had some ATM withdrawls from Sofia on one of my most recent trips (before I moved here) and it just went from there. She was very excited to meet someone, as she hadn't been back to Sofia in about 4 years. I then met two other girls working at McDonalds about 3 weeks later who were on summer working holiday.

    Small world, indeed.

  3. Funny thing was that I only knew the two girls at McDonalds because when I went in for breakfast I saw they were wearing martinitzas and I was like hmmm, do you two happen to be from Bulgaria by any chance?


  4. T.W. Anderson:
    Bulgarians are EVERYWHERE!!! And, funny enough, they are quite easy to spot! Not sure what it is about us... but we tend to stick out.