Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Edie Beale

Little Edie Beale was the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year. I particularly love this scene of the Grey Gardens documentary and tried to recreate it.

Here's the end-result:

I am a tiny bit concerned that I was a crazy woman for Halloween but my ENTIRE costume was composed of clothes I actually own AND wear in pretty much that very same combination. Hmmm.

Did you guys dress up for Halloween? Show me pictures!


  1. Oh you look very cute, and those velvet shoes are darling.

  2. that just means you are NOT boring!! Love the costume/your regular outfit, hahaha!

  3. Costume is fantastic and the best costumes are the ones that you make from your own wardrobe, I did that with my banshee costume this year.

    I have a question petya... teodor and I plan to get married soon, but he is still employed with the company that sponsored him for his expired work visa down on cape cod. If we get married he will move up to boston to be with me immediately. However, I was wondering if he should keep his job down there for a while and if when filling the immigration papers it looks better for him to be employed?

  4. @Lydia:
    Thank you! I LOVE the shoes too. I got them on ebay, they are BCBG and are very comfortable in addition to being super-fun to wear.

    Thanks for the VERY charitable interpretation! ,)

    Oooh. I don't know. Would he be applying for change of status? Maybe somebody here would know. I will repost your question as a blog-post tomorrow. Hopefully someone will come forward and help you out. In the meantime, I will think about all my friends that have applied for green cards from within the US and ask how they did it.

  5. thank you glad u will post my question :)