Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memphis kindness

When I was getting off the bus this morning, an old lady said to me: Have a blessed day, sweetie. You know I am not the religious type but I loved her for sending some good vibes my way.

As I was waiting for my transfer, this guy walked by... spring in his step, all smiles. Hey, are you new to Memphis? he asked. I walk this way every day and I've noticed you recently. You stand out, you know. What's your name? Turns out his name is Bobby and we seem to be on the same work schedule. He asked if I had a boyfriend but when I told him I was married, he took the news like a true gentleman. Damn, he said. Well... that's alright. He then made me promise I would continue to say hi to him.

Riding the bus is one of my favorite things to do in Memphis.

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  1. The kindness of strangers I miss so much in Sofia. Sigh...


  2. I follow the blog semi-regularly.


  3. Kindness in strangers is blatantly nonexistent in Sofia.

    Don't get me wrong, I love living here, but Sofia is not a good representation of Bulgaria, because it is filled with a bunch of crusty old curmudgeons. Evy actually asked me last Saturday why I continue holding the door open for people when they never say thank you, and instead view it as an opportunity to stampede.

    No joke. Last weekend we were out shopping for fun and stepped into this shop to look for a pasta machine. On the way out I held the door for my wife...and then waited because there was another lady behind us and a few more people coming in from outside. The lady from inside went to go at the same time that one of the women from outside tried to come in, and they were LITERALLY jostling each other trying to get through the door, both of them smashing into me while I stood there holding it. When they finally untangled they both rushed off, NEITHER of them bothering to say "sorry for stepping on you" or "thank you for holding the door".

    I would say that in the 2 years I've been here I can count on ONE hand the number of times a stranger has said thank you to me when I hold the door for them. What's really sad is that the moment you get outside of Sofia, it's like a light switch is flipped. People are far more generous, they smile, they don't constantly try to rush to get ahead of everyone else....

    Maybe it's just big city life, but I find it rather irritating, and it only seems to be getting worse. I absolutely hate riding the tram anymore because it's nothing but a bunch of snarling, snapping, cranky people who seem to absolutely hate the fact that they are in good health and have jobs.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Petya! I love kind people too and I have found quite a few here in Boston! :)