Monday, June 28, 2010

Cold Snap Give-Away Winners

I'm about to annouce The Migrant Bookclub's first ever book give-away winners!!! I listed all contestants and assigned numbers to their names. I then used a random number generator and pulled two numbers. Our winners are....Drum-roll, please!

Anna Tzvetkova and Elica

CONGRATULATIONS, ladies! I am so so excited that you will be reading along! Elica, please email me your mailing address so I can put your copy of Cold Snap in the mail today!

Big thanks to everyone who entered the contest here and on Facebook. I wish I could mail books to all of you. Even though you didn't win, I really hope you would still go ahead and order your own copy. The book is available on Amazon (which would also deliver to Bulgaria)!

Happy reading!!!


  1. Oh, I am bummed I missed the give-away but I'll order it online and read along with the book club. I recently read a book you had mentioned here - How We Survived Communism & Even Laughed

  2. I did this all too quickly. Next time I do a give-away I will be better organized and give people more time to enter.

    I'm so excited you read that book. It's one of my all time faves. Did you love it?

  3. Just ordered the book ,can't wait for it in the mail. It's gonna be my reading in the plane ,heading back home ( Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) for a first time after 4 years. Woot , woot! :)))