Monday, September 13, 2010

Russian conceptual artist Oleg Mavromati faces extradition and prison-time

I am cross-posting from the little tumblr off-shoot of Openly Feminist:

Oleg Mavromati, a contemporary Russian artist, is facing 5 years in prison because his 2000 piece “Do Not Believe Your Eyes” was supposedly “inciting religious hatred and offending the feelings of religious believers”.

The court decision is in reference to article 282 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation and has been used as an excuse to censor numerous artists, curators and journalists. The cases have been well documented by Amnesty International.

You can read more about Mavromati’s work on Way to Russia. The article contains video-footage of one of Oleg’s crucifixion pieces.

Please help spread the word! Sign the petition in support of Oleg but also in support of Russian artists, journalists, and curators.

P.S. Some of you may already know, in 2000 Oleg fled Russia and moved to Bulgaria where he met and married his wife, Bulgarian artist Boryana Rossa.


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