Monday, February 28, 2011

Nighttime fraternity

A sassy reader left me a note over on Formspring to ask what's up with the bookclub: You started a blog book club, with a schedule and all, but it seems that you abandoned all that. Ha! Easy there, rider!

I have been keeping up with the reading portion of the bookclub. It's the blogging part that seems to have suffered. To correct that, I am leaving you with a couple of cover shots from my copy of Milan Kundera's Ignorance and a passage from that very same book that resonated with me, fairly early on in the book:

Martin, her husband, was having the same dreams. Every morning they would talk about the horror of that return to their native land. Then, in the course of a conversation with a Polish friends, an emigre herself, Irena realized that all emigres had those dreams, every one, without exception; at first she was moved by that nighttime fraternity of people unknown to one another, then somewhat irritated: how could the very private experience of a dream be a collective event? what was unique about her soul, then?

I sometimes feel the same way about this blog. We all seem to have such supranatural connection, we GET each other in such unexplainable ways. And then I wonder, wait, if so many of us are going through this... what makes me think the stories are worth telling?!

Who else is reading?


  1. The stories are awesome. I check this blog religiously - about three times a day to see if there's anything new posted. True story.

  2. You are very sweet!

    Are you reading the book? I think you will like it!

  3. I am reading, but I found the book club recently, so I am in the very beginning of the list. Just finished Cold Snap (and shared it with another Bulgarian girl who lives here in MN).