Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pan-Slavic Hatred of Ice

Recently, I have been drawn to stories about Pan-Slavic eccentricities. I think that started a while back upon my discovery of Vicki's, Lea's and Nailya's blogs and was solidified by reading Sana Krasikov's "One More Year". Maybe at some point I will get tired of stuff that makes me read out loud to Kyle and grin "We do this too!!!" but until then, I will keep gravitating towards stories like this hilarious piece by Ukranian-American Alina Simone:

If you were born in the Soviet Union and are of a certain age, ice is your enemy. As the daughter of émigrés from Ukraine, I was raised on room-temperature beverages and always associated ice with a raft of great American stuff other kids were allowed to have but I wasn’t: puppies, sheet cake, fun. My own grandmother would cringe from a glass of ice water as if it were a syringe of Ebola virus. To this day I have no idea what disease she associated with the consumption of cold liquids. Pneumonia? Athlete’s foot? Chlamydia?

I am very excited to report that apparently Alina Simone has an entire book out titled You Must Go Out and Win and the Wall Street Journal describes it as "a frenzied, Eastern European musician’s version of humorist David Sedaris’s books". Sounds like a blast, doesn't it!


  1. So interesting! This sounds like my Bulgarian husband- he believes that ice cold beverages are bad for your health. I seem to be the only person ever requesting ice in my drink here!

  2. Somebody on the NYTimes website suggested that it had to do with bad dental care BUT even though I do not know about dental care in the former Soviet Union, I had to point out that we have very good dental care in BG. Just, FYI haha

  3. Haha, good to know since I'll be going to the dentist here in BG at some point :)

  4. My bulgarian husband never wants anything with ice!