Thursday, October 27, 2011

And I think that you should, too.

Oh my gosh, you guys! I won a give-away on Cup of Jo! I won a collection of organic beauty products from TaDa: a new flash sale site. Yupieee.

I am so crazy excited for several reasons! 1. Joanna is one of my most favorite bloggers in the world! 2. I *NEVER* win (although, Prof. Grady points out, I hardly ever *enter* to win) and 3. For several reasons, which I am happy to discuss, I recently decided to start using organic beauty products as much as possible.

As surprised as I am that I got this lucky, I totally wished this one upon myself. I wanted it so, so bad. I kept thinking... let this one be mine, let this one be mine. Well. It IS now!

I am not writing this to brag. Heck, most of you probably are thinking.... why is this vapid woman so excited over a bottle of shampoo and a tube of lipstick. I am writing it because this little thing really gave me such a sweet moment of clarity. I thought to myself... well, I should do this more often: enter to play, and hope, and not be afraid to wish good things upon myself. And I think that you should, too.

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