Monday, November 7, 2011

The Man Who Flew into Space From His Apartment

Just read about Ilya Kabakov's exhibit at Edelman Arts in New York. His work is amazing and he is fairly well-known in the art world... he just wasn't known to me.

Untitled by Ilya Kabakov (1984)

I have been scouring the interwebs for bits and pieces of his work, which is scattered across museum collections and gallery exhibits all over the world, but unfortunately, not much is online.
Even if people never see Ilya Kabakov's artworks, the titles he gives his pieces reveal much about his memories growing up in the Soviet Union. Now 78 years old and living on New York's Long Island with his wife and collaborating partner, Emilia, Mr. Kabakov has built an international career from his paintings and conceptual installations that evoke his former homeland. He's best known for "The Red Wagon," a haunting 1991 recreation of a railcar that he outfitted with Soviet Realist paintings and an empty stage.
Some of the artwork titles mentioned in the article:

The Man Who Flew into Space From His Apartment.
The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away.
The Communal Kitchen.


So you leave it because you can't stand it and you spend your entire life evoking *it* in your work. The human heart is a funny place.  

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