Friday, December 9, 2011

Holidays on Ice

If you work in PR, Christmas is a busy time of the year. It's practically a month of peppermint and tinsel, regardless the specific industry you are in: cars, fashion, or (in my case) education... it's all the same. It's all bells and grown-ups sitting in Santa's lap, Christmas trees and food drives. I was really worried about this particular aspect of my job when I started because I find it all pretty tacky.

My job, however, seems to have started rubbing off on me because I have recently started to notice the more and less tangible ways in which I have totally allowed myself to be overtaken by the Christmas spirit. 

First, as a joke, the rooster painting in my office got it's own Christmas garland. See above.

Then I started listening to a very SHE & HIM christmas and couldn't stop. {Don't tell Kyle}. 

Two days ago I actually BARGAINED with an Etsy seller to create a custom listing for me: those felted acorns had to be mine IN BULK.

Earlier today I caught myself Christmas shopping for people I don't really know. Not for real, you know, but like... if I were to give a present to Kim, the lady that vacuums the HR office across the hall, I would give her a set of China Glaze Crackle nail polish in Black Mesh

My favorite Christmas activity by far, though, is re-reading David Sedaris's Holidays on Ice
We were standing near the Lollipop Forest when we realized that Santa is an anagram of Satan... Overhearing the customers we would substitute the Satan for the world Santa. 
Cracks me up. Every. Single. Time. Also: 

Everyone looks retarded once you set your mind to it. 

This weekend, Kyle and I are going shopping for a Christmas tree. It will be out first one since we got married and I am pretty excited about it. I am getting very sentimental with old age. 

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  1. I love Holidays on Ice! I must reread every Christmas. I don't know about you but because I didn't really grow up with Christmas, I love the tackiness of it now. I don't have the same associations as everyone around me, so I am free to customize them as it suits me. This year, I decorated our office and someone commented that it looks like "Santa threw up all over" and I took it as a compliment.
    On a related note one of my favourite quotes about Christmas and Communism is by Woody Allen. He refers to Fidel Castro as " Rebel without a Clause". Brilliant.
    Happy Holidays, Petya!