Friday, January 13, 2012

Book recommendations by Emma Forrest

I worked on a couple of posts this week but I wasn't able to complete my research/prep to finish them. So, instead, I would like to share a couple of book recommendations.

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A little while ago I read Emma Forrest's beautiful memoir of depression and therapy. In an equally spectacular review of the book, Maud Newton wrote: 

Forrest's new memoir, Your Voice in My Head, which traces the long history of her depression and evokes her struggles to stay sane without Dr. R, is so intense and compelling, so dark, hilarious and wistful, and so likely to be picked up, highlighted and worried over by every neurotic I know, I almost feel sorry for New York City's mental health practitioners, who probably should have had some sort of advance warning that it's coming.

I full-heartedly agree. 

I think the reason why that book spoke to me so deeply was that Forrest was dealing with all this really mucky stuff in the States, away from her very loving and supportive family in the UK. It's not that she didn't have anyone here, it's just that the ones that could truly help her were so far. Not only was she unable to call on them and ask for help. She felt that because of the distance she had to pretend everything was ok. After all, why worry her family... This, I think, is a very common immigrant experience... even if it is not always as heart-wrenching as the events described by Forrest.

I was so smitten with Forrest that I ended sending her a desperate note telling her that long after having read her book, I was still under it's spell and asking if she could recommend any book titles PLEASE. She was sweet enough to write back. 

She said that she loved Perfect Lives by Polly Samson and was rereading The Accidental and The First Person by Ali Smith "a lot".


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