Monday, January 9, 2012

In the Land of Blood and Honey

The most recent issue of Marie Claire has an excellent interview with Angelina Jolie about her new movie In the Land of Blood and Honey. The film is set in early 1990s Bosnia and tells the story of a young Boshniak woman and her former boyfriend, Bosnian Serb soldier. The film employs a largely local cast and many of the women in the film were actual victims of the conflict.

If you are curious, you can listen to this brief interview with Jolie on NPR or take a look at this piece at the Telegraph for an overview of the movie's reception in Bosnia. But, for now, I wanted to share with you this one little bit that made me want to see this film even more:
Jolie shot the film in the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language (it is subtitled in English), and encouraged her cast members to speak up if there were story points or dialogue they took issue with. They embraced the opportunity. Early in the film, before the war, Ajla (the main character, ed.) tosses a breezy "I love you!" over her shoulder to her sister as she heads out for a date. Jolie sensed Marjanovic was holding back a little. "She told me,  'I get that saying I love you to the sister is something in America, where you say I love you [so easily] and hug when you order a pizza. We don't really do that.'" 
Photo via USAToday.


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  1. Was glad to read this. It's easy (for me!) to get bogged down in the celebrity surrounding this film and forget there is a very interesting story at the heart of it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I know, right! I never thought I'd ever compose a sentence that included Marie Claire + Angelina Jolie and have it be devoid of snark.

    If you can't bring yourself to watch the film but are interested in reading more about the issues it raises, I *highly* recommend "They Would Never Hurt a Fly" by the great Croatian author and journalist Slavenka Drakulic.

    Thanks for your note!

  3. As artificial as her body might be, Angelina Jolie's soul seems to remain strong. I understand Brad Pitt for dumping Jennifer Anniston for her. She seems much more interesting. One is a forever-dumped good girl that plays forever-dumped good girls on screen and the other directs movies about genocide and plays the wife of a beheaded journalist. I mean c'mon. One's a batshit crazy artist and the other's a commodity.

  4. What can I say, I've wanted to dislike Jolie for so long... I've finally resigned to the fact that her work is, for the most part, compelling.