Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zadie Smith and her beautiful red dress

"I find it impossible to experience either pride or shame over accidents of genetics in which I had no active part. I’m not necessarily proud to be female. I am not even proud to be human— I only love to be so."

Zadie Smith

I love this beautiful red dress that Zadie Smith wore to the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award ceremony. I love that she paired it with an equally bold piece of jewelry. Her brooch is exquisite and even thought I think the dress would have looked even more stunning on its own, I like to imagine that Smith dressed that night the way little girls do: by taking a long look at her closet and piling on ALL her favorite stuff.

Zadie! You are fabulous in this dress!
Zadie: I only love to be so.

Do you, book fiends, care much about the way your favorite authors dress? I confess that I have probably passed on many good books because of an unfortunate author photo.

Photo credit: David Shankbone


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  1. Not only the dress but the BROOCH!

    I don't usually care about how authors dress unless I see one wearing something fabulous and then I'm appreciative. But I did love finding out that LM Montgomery was a fashion plate and champion shopper. That made me happy.

  2. Where did you read that? Do you remember?

  3. It's an interesting question Petya (by the way, your blog is the bomb. It just appeared on my RSS feed after a month). I believe that somebody's soul drips out when they have too much of it. Goes in their style, in their actions, in their clothing. If first impressions are ever so important, it's because you can tell a lot from them. Consciously or not. Here's a killer photo of James Ellroy, one of my favorite writers ever:

  4. Hey Ben! Same thing happened to me! I have been a follower of your blog for several months now (via the Google Widget, as opposed to regular RSS subscription) and didn't see any updates in Reader until a couple of weeks ago when they finally started coming in. Weird.

    I LOVE what you said about souls dripping out. I wholeheartedly agree. I always feel a bit superficial when I catch myself noticing clothes and style but ultimately, I do feel that fashion is so expressive and so political that you would be a fool not to care about it. If you are in any way interested in this topic, you should check out this blog: It's perfection!

    I am totally re-posting James Ellroy's photograph!

  5. I will be reposting it also. Maybe without even any explanation text. It's just WAY too badass.