Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Kyle is not proud of this picture and I am not proud of my hair-styling abilities but I can't help but share what is quite possibly one of the best pieces of mail I've ever received. These four books just came in yesterday: reviewer copies, courtesy of my favorite publisher, Melville House.

The titles are:

From Newbury with Love
Letters of Friendship Across the Iron Curtain

by Anna Horsbrugh-Porter and Marina Aidova

First Love
by Ivan Turgenev

Faithful Ruslan
The Story of a Guard Dog

by Georgi Vladimov

The Case of the General's Thumb

by Andrey Kurkov

I am beyond excited not only because of these particular titles but also because I seem to have discovered a publisher who seems to be interested in publishing the type of books I am interested in reading: lesser known classics, literary translations, unusual works of non-fiction; all presented beautifully in book-covers that could easily double as art!

I picked up From Newbury with Love first and I am already in reader heaven. Will keep you posted.


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