Sunday, March 25, 2012

EUDORA WELTY: I would have worn pants to the airport

Kyle and I got to spend a part of this weekend in Oxford, MS with Maud Newton and Carrie Frye who were there for the Oxford Conference for the Book. We dorked out over our collective adoration of Eudora Welty and I felt inspired to dedicate this installment of Literary Style to her.

A visit with Eudora Welty
Barbara Lazaer Ascher/ 1984

"She's worn a pretty hat for the occasion, an occasion she says she has dreaded ever since she decided to make an exception to her rule, no interviews. Her smile is shy, her voice soft and hesitant: "You look like a Virginia girl." She reaches for my bag, but I protest– after all, she is seventy-five. Her hair is white. She is slight and walks with slow care in a shiny new pair of loafers. Her azure knit dress is the color of her eyes. The next day, when we have settled into pants and comfortable shoes, she tells me, "I would have worn pants to the airport, but I thought 'She'll think I'm some sort of hick!'"
From the Yale Review , 74 (November 1984), 147-53
in More conversations with Eudora Welty by Peggy Whitman Prenshaw

I found this fantastic picture of Eudora by Maude Clay on Tumblr where the guy who posted it claims Eudora was "always known for her killer velour sweatsuits".


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