Sunday, April 8, 2012


The February and March 2012 Migrant Bookclub title was Apricots from Chernobil by Josip Novakovich. I'm behind schedule mostly because I have been reading other things but I was also having difficulties finding a copy of this particular Novakovich title so I picked up Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust (P.S.) Just as I do that, I realize that Novakovich has a new book out.  It is a collection of previously published essays titled Shopping for a Better Country and judging by the little blurbs I read about it here and there, it's pretty fucking awesome. The essays cover a wide range of themes and subjects: family, memory, violence, grief.

If you are curious, you can read an interview with Novakovich at the Rumpus where he talks about the book but also about the price of wine in Canada, teaching creative writing, and his next novel (a satirical piece on America?).

P.S. Josip Novakovich and I share shopping tastes. We were both at the University of the South in the late 1990s: he on a Tennessee Williams Fellowship and I as an undergrad. A few years later I moved on to Penn State for grad school and ran into him on my way to the library pretty much a day after I had unpacked. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to take a class with him.


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