Friday, May 25, 2012


These dreamlike creations belong to Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko. When asked about her design style, she says simply:
In my work, there are a lot of references to Russian culture, especially Russian cinematography. I find inspiration for my collections in works by Mikhalkov, Kalatozov, Khuziev, Gerasimov. And I like traditional Russian crafts – all those embroideries, bead-works, hand-made laces and knits. They combine naivety with intricacy of technique. 
When I was little, we didn't have Barbies but I dreamed about owning a Russian Doll. I never got one but Sergeenko's work brings back those memories with tremendous force. 

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1 comment:

  1. This must be Barbie unstripped of it's mental baggage. Those filthy russians. When will they understand that there's an order in the universe and that no beauty must be armed with anything else than market-approved body serving as a vessel for the great forces that built the New World. Thus Spoke the Man. Everything artsy is from the Devil, ya know. That's why the true man fight communism for all eternity. Fairy tale without end.