Friday, August 3, 2012

Joan Didion: on being young, female and lonely

By the end of a week she was thinking constantly about where her body stopped and the air began, about the exact point in space and time that was the difference between Maria and other. She had the sense that if she could get that in her mind and hold it for even one micro-second she would have what she had come to get. As if she had fever, her skin burned and crackled with a pinpoint sensitivity. She could feel smoke against her skin. She could feel voice waves. She was beginning to feel color, light intensities, and she imagined that she could be put blindfolded in front of the signs at the Thunderbird and the Flamingo and know which was which. "Maria," she felt someone whisper one night, but when she turned there was nobody.

Is there anybody who can write about being young, female and lonely better than Joan Didion?


Hear this interview with J.D. recorded live at the music hall in Portsmouth. She is the funniest! Her story about going to physical therapy and really getting excited about it after seeing some very strong patients there, obviously having gotten a lot out of it... AND THEN... realizing that said patients are actually the NY Yankees... just cracks me up and reminds me of my own sister's experience with physical therapy!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. The Yankee's story is from Didion's most recent book Blue Nights, I just really enjoyed hearing her tell it in person.

  2. Joan Didion write the best alienated-intellectual prose. She's at her best when she's freaking out about California...or Woody Allen.

    1. I KNOW! She is so neurotic! I love her!