Thursday, September 13, 2012

Curtis Sittenfeld's series of {very} short stories

Illustration by Andrea Wan

I adore Curtis Sittenfeld and keep hoping for a new book. What is she working on, do you know? When would it be out?

This summer she wrote a series of {very} short stories for the New York Times. The Mug was my favorite:
The Mug
At Vassar, when I used to beat out Deb Devlin for the lead role in plays semester after semester, I heard that she’d tell people I was her nemesis, and I’d think, Don’t flatter yourself. Now that 15 years have passed, I’m an H.R. manager in Tampa, and she’s the star of that ABC drama about sexy dermatologists, I announce to anyone at any opportunity: “You know Deb Devlin? She was my college nemesis!” She’s not even that famous, but I can’t help myself.

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